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Do I need a site visit?
In general terms, we must always make a site visit before preparing any drawings or reports.

Are we in a slip area?
The Council is the only body able to answer this question.

Do I need a survey plan?
If it is a DA application for other than a complying development the council will require a detailed level survey by a licenced surveyor.

Do I need structural adequacy?
For any project involving use of an existing structure to support it a Certificate of Structural Adequacy must be obtained. We can provide this service.

Do I need a stormwater plan?
For any new works involving additional impervious areas a concept plan will be required at DA stage and a management plan will be required for the Construction Certificate. We can provide both the concept plan and the management plan.

What type of plan do I need for a driveway?
You will require a plan of the layout of the driveway and a long section of each side of the driveway to show that it conforms to the councilís standards. We can provide this service.

Do I need a risk management (geotechnical report)?
In Pittwater LGA and Warringah LGA area all developments in a slip area require a risk management report and those in other areas of Pittwater require a risk management report if they are going to excavate a metre deep within a metre of a boundary of an excavation deeper than 3 metres anywhere else on the property. In most other local LGA areas, a geotechnical report will be required if the property is in a slip area or the council request it.

What do I need for a quote?
In order to prepare a quote we require good quality architectural plans and preferably a detailed level survey.

Building Certificates?
Pittwater LGA: In Pittwater, all Building Certificate applications require the submission of a Form 4. This requires a Risk Management Report.
Other Sydney metro areas: Building Certificates elsewhere will require some geotechnical report if it is in a slip area or will need a structural assessment in any case

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