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At Jack Hodgson Consultants Pty Ltd we work closely with our clients to prioritise and establish key requirements so that we can be sure to deliver the best solutions within a reasonable, agreed timeframe and budget. We aim not only to meet but to exceed client expectation.

An important component of our client focus is “visibility” throughout the project lifecycle. By maintaining ongoing dialogue and pro-active involvement of the client throughout the life of the project, we enable correct capture of information from preliminary discussions to delivery. By adopting this approach to our clients and our business, we significantly minimise the likelihood of error, misinterpretation or miscommunication.

At Jack Hodgson Consultants our consulting capabilities are highly productive enabling us to be at the competitive edge when it comes to quotations and delivery of solutions. Our prompt delivery stems from a combination of experienced specialist consultants, efficient management of internal process and a depth of civil engineering experience rarely found.

Our extensive range of services have seen Jack Hodgson Consultants Pty Limited successfully complete over 25,000 projects including:

  • Major and minor water supply investigations; environmental studies; grass spillway designs; numerous small site investigations for schools and houses; slope stability studies including three major landslides for the Department of Main Roads and over 15,000 stability studies for houses and other structures
  • Structural design work on over 6000 houses; additions to houses; driveways; elevated and sunken garages; retaining walls; pools; small factory buildings and up to five storey unit buildings
  • Geotechnical advice and designs for landslides, retaining walls, houses, factories and pools in Pittwater, Warringah, Manly and other LGA
  • Hydrological and hydraulic work including flood studies, down pipe and pipe layouts for houses, factories, unit blocks and subdivisions; on-site detention systems for houses, unit blocks, factories and subdivisions; on site dispersion systems for houses and unit blocks; and installation and effective use of rain water storage systems
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