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Jack Hodgson Consultants Pty Ltd prides itself on its ability to provide quality service to its Clients. The responsibility for choosing to engage Jack Hodgson Consultants rests entirely with our Clients who must advise us immediately of any dissatisfaction with the services provided.

In these terms and conditions of business: “JH Consultants” means Jack Hodgson Consultants Pty Ltd. “Consultant” means a person or persons assigned by JH Consultants to undertake work for the Client. “Client” means that person, firm, company, authority or organisation to which JH Consultants and/or a Consultant is engaged to provide the services. “Services” means any and all work undertaken by JH Consultants for the Client and any and all materials and/or deliverables supplied by JH Consultants to the Client.

1. These terms apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing, to the exclusion of and shall prevail over all and any other terms. No variation shall be made to these terms without the prior written consent of a director of JH Consultants and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, these terms apply on and from the date of the engagement of JH Consultants in any matter whatsoever for and on behalf of the Client.

2. The engagement or use in whatever capacity by the Client (or by any third party as a result of an introduction by the Client) of JH Consultants constitutes acceptance of these terms by the Client.

3. JH Consultants will provide consulting services to the Client for any solution requested by the Client, specifically engineering solutions. JH Consultants will render such services in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.

4. JH Consultants will provide to the Client a written quotation for the Services to be provided. The Services will not commence until signed authorisation of said quotation and Terms and Conditions of Business have been received from the Client. Should further services be required that were not initially included in the authorised quotation, JH Consultants will issue additional quotations for authorisation by the Client prior to additional services being rendered.

5. The fee (“the Fee”) payable by the Client in respect of work undertaken shall be calculated and invoiced in accordance with the attached fee schedule.

6. The Fee is exclusive of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and any other additional Government imposed taxes and charges associated with the Services.

7. Upon the Client engaging JH Consultants any fees, charges or payments due to JH Consultants shall be invoiced to the Client as required and shall be payable to JH Consultants within 7 days of invoice date. Payment may be made by cheque, credit card or EFT. When making payment, the relevant Invoice Number must be noted for reconciliation purposes. In the case of EFT payment, notification that this payment has been made must be advised to JH Consultants either by phone or facsimile on the day payment is made.

8. Should the Client be in dispute as to the invoice amount or standard of services provided by JH Consultants the Client must address said dispute with JH Consultants immediately upon receipt of invoice. Interest may be charged on any amount outstanding after 14 days from date of invoice at a rate of 12% per annum, and shall accrue daily until the outstanding balance is paid.

9. JH Consultants reserves the right to discontinue the Services in cases where the Client has not made payment on outstanding invoices during the course of provision of the Services.

10. JH Consultants warrants to provide services at an acceptable standard to the Client and warrants the conduct of its personnel while at the Client’s premises.

11. JH Consultants will provide services to the Client as required, but generally between core business hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

12. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the law of the state in which the Services are to be undertaken and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of that State.

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